Heirloom Bonnet

Heirloom Bonnet

1. Cut a square of fabric, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, 8x8.   Just make sure it's square.

2. Sew lace all around the edges on the right side of the material.

3. Fold the square in half, getting a center line, finger press

4. Bring up 2 ends, one across from the other, so the lace meets at the finger pressed line (sometimes the lace overlaps, but that's ok).

5. Sew on line of stitching through one side close to the lace across the top.

6. You should have an opening at the bottom of the fold, thread a piece of ribbon through it.

7. On the other section, cut 2 pieces of ribbon (I guess at the length), and put them on the short side of the upturned section.   I put mine in between the opening.  Sew the short ends shut.

8. Gather the ribbon on the opposite side to make the back of the bonnet.

Instructions by Jo, in Maryland. For information, email Jo

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