Donna's Crocheted Sweater

crochet cap
Copyright Donna Eng
Photo courtesy of Ellen Lynch

1 Skein of 3 ply baby yarn,
Size G hook, tapestry needle

Tc = triple crochet Pattern: Repeat of Rows 2 + 3

CH 54
Row 1: Sc in second ch from hook, sc across. Ch 1 turn (53)
Row 2: Sc in first sc, (tc in next sc, sc in next sc) across . Ch 1 turn (53).
Row 3: Sc in each sc across (53).
Row 4- 10: Repeat Row 2 and 3 for pattern.
Row 11: Sc 21 (21 sc). Ch1 turn.
Row 12: Sc in first sc (tc in next sc, sc in next sc) across.
Row 13: Repeat Row 3 (21)
Row 14: Repeat Row 12.
Row 15: Sc across. DO NOT TURN. Ch 8 , turn (Be careful not to twist Ch 8)
Row 16: Working into back side of ch , sc in third ch from hook *(tc in next sc, sc in next sc) repeat From * across. (27)
Row 17: Sc in each sc across.
Row 18: Ch 1, repeat Row 2.
Row 19: Sc across (27).
Row 20 + 21: Repeat Rows 18 and 19.
Row 22: Sc across. Fasten off. Leave Long strand of yarn to sew sleeve.

BACK NECK EDGE AND SHAPING OF LEFT SHOULDER AND LEFT NECK EDGE: (With right side of work facing you, return to Row 11.Skip the next 11 stitches. Attach to 12th stitch:
Row 11: Sc across (21 sc).
Row 12 - 13: Repeat Rows 2 + 3 for pattern (21).
Row 14: Repeat Row 2. Fasten off (21)
Row 15: Form slip knot and ch 6 then take up your work and sc across (27)
Row 16 - 21 : Repeat Rows 2 + 3.
Row 22: Sc across. Fasten off.

SLEEVE SEAM: Placing right sides of yolk and sleeves together, sew underarm sleeve seam in first 15 st from sleeve edge. Turn yolk and sleeves right side out again.

Row 1: Working from right side of work, join thread in first stitch of left yolk, ch 2 (tc in next sc, sc in Next sc) across. (53).
Row 2: Sc across (53)
Row 3 - 19: Pattern . Repeat Rows 1 + 2 . DO NOT TURN.

FINISHING EDGE: Working from the right side (evenly spacing ) ch 1 , sc up right front edge , around neck edge and down left side, and across bottom. (at each corner, sc, ch1, sc). Join with slip stitch, thread off and weave in the ends.

Sew button : (align with any hole in pattern) (for girl) on left side (for boy) on right side
To create ties: Attach yarn to the top of one side of the sweater and ch 25. Do the same on matching opposite side.
Try different size hooks for different sizes. Find one that is comfortable for you.

Click here for Printable Instructions (MS Word Document - 454K)

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