Donna's Newborn Baby Sweater

ÓCopyright Donna Eng



Materials:   1 Skein of 3 ply baby yarn,  Size F hook, tapestry needle


For Popcorn Stitch instead of Double Crochetcrochet the first row using sc rather than dc as the newborn pattern calls for then follow rows 2 and 3 from Donna's small popcorn sweater, instead of the rows of double crochet called for in the newborn size.



CH 84


Row 1:             Dc in 4th ch from hook and dc in next 81 across.  Ch 1 turn (82)

Row 2:             Ch 2 (counts as first dc in this row  & throughout work), dc in 2nd dc  then dc across.  Turn.  (82dc)  

Rows 3-5:        Repeat Row 2.

Row 6:             Ch 2 and dc in next 34 dc.  Turn.  (35 dc).

Row 7:             Ch2, dc across, turn (35dc).

Row 8:             Ch 2, dc across.  Ch 8, turn, being careful not to twist ch 8.

Row 9:             Working into back side of ch, dc in 4th ch from hook and in each remaining ch (6dc).  Continue with dc across row.  Turn.  (41 dc).

Row 10-13:      Ch 2, dc in 2nd dc and dc across row.  Turn (41 dc).  Thread off after row 13.  Leave long tail to sew sleeve. 


With right side of work facing you, return to Row 5.  Skip the next 12 dc on row 5 for back neck edge.  Attach yarn in 13th dc.


Row 6:             Ch 2 and dc across remaining dc to end of sleeve.  Turn.  (35 dc)

Row 7:             Ch 2 and dc across remaining dc.  Thread off.  TURN your work and lay aside.

Row 8:             Form slip knot and ch 6, then take up your work and dc in the front st of previous row and then dc across.  Turn.  (35 dc and 6 ch).

Row 9:             Ch 2, dc across and dc in each of the ch 6, turn.  (41 dc)

Rows 10-13:    Ch 2, dc across, turn.  (41 dc).  Thread off after row 13.


SLEEVE SEAM:  Placing right sides of yoke and sleeves together, sew underarm sleeve seam in first 25 st from sleeve edge.  Turn yoke and sleeves right side out again.




Row 1:             Working from right side of work, join yarn in first stitch of left yoke.  Ch 2, dc across work, turn.  (73 dc).

Row 2:             Ch 2, (counts as first dc now and throughout), dc in 2nd st and across row.  Turn. 

Rows 3-13:      Repeat Row 2. 


At the end of row 13, do not turn.  Continue on to edging.  (Note:  You should be working on the right

side of the sweater.)



Ch 2.  Working in sc, continue up right front edge of sweater and sc evenly spaced (approximately 2 sc per dc), ch 2 in corner st at neck edge.  Sc evenly around neck to left side corner.  Join with slip stitch.  Thread off.  Weave in ends.


NOTE:  If back neck edge looks too large, decrease 2 or 3 st as you work.  Also, in sc around the sweater neck, you may need to add or subtract st to make your neck lie flat.  No two people crochet the same, so just look at your work and judge accordingly.


Attach yarn at underarm seam of sleeve edge on wrong side.  SC evenly around sleeve edge, thread off and weave in ends. 


To make ties:    Attach yarn to right corner of neck edge, ch. 30.  Thread off and weave in ends.  Repeat for left side.



  1. To picot finish around front and bottom:  After Row 13: *(ch 2, sc in same st, ch2, sc in next st), repeat from * around right side, neck edge and left side.  


For bottom edge: *(ch 2, sc in same stitch, ch2, sc in next stitch), repeat from * across bottom edge.


  1. Use different color yarn for sweater body and finishing edges and ties.
  2. Instead of ties, attach buttons – corresponding to holes made from dc
  3. Experiment with different sized hooks until you find a comfortable fit!  Enjoy!