Fetal Demise Pouch
Designed by Marianne Doty

pouch open  pouch tied

The fetal demise pouch is used for early losses, or infants that are too small or fragile to be dressed. On request, nurses take pictures of the babies before burial for the families.

   * Cut two 10 x 10 inch squares of any fabric, cotton, cotton blend, flannel, batiste, small pastel print, or even darker colors (does not have to be white).

   * Cut one of these 10 x 10 inch squares diagonally (corner to corner) on the bias for the pouch.  This will give you one square and two triangles.  Lay one triangle aside for the next pouch.

   * On the triangle, serge or sew the bias edge first (the long edge) and zig-zag on lace.

   * Lay the pouch (triangle) on to the square, serge or sew all around the four sides.

   * Add lace, or embellish the way you like.....

   * option:  you can line the entire pouch with the same, or a different, fabric or insert vinyl inside the pouch.

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