“Mother’s Tears” Hankie
Designed by Marianne Doty

keepsake hankie fanfold keepsake hankie flat

This keepsake hankie is given to mothers who experience a miscarriage and have no memento of their lost child.  These mothers go home empty handed and full of grief.  It's important for many of these mothers to know that someone else considered "her baby" to be more than just a fetus.   These hankies, while small, are something tangible that can be held on to.  Therefore, it is important to make these items very special. The hankie can be store bought or hand made.

   *For hand made hankies, cut a 10x10 inch square of linen or batiste.

   *Add lace on the edges.

   *Embellish with silk ribbon, embroidery, appropriate appliqué in one corner.

   *The hankie can be folded flat or fanfold in one inch increments.  For fanfold, fold in half and tie a ribbon to fasten. Sew or glue on a silk rose, charm or embellish appropriately.

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